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Every project is assigned a professionally trained and certified  designer with years of experience making customers’ dreams come true. Our designers take your hand through the entire process from planning to installation to ensure a perfect finished product every time. They are an amazing resource for inspiration in your design, because they stay on top of the latest technologies and trends.

Our design professionals design your kitchen with sophisticated software that allows them to maximize every inch of the space you have available. As a result, they’re able to produce detailed 3D drawings of your design so you’ll know exactly how it will look before a single piece is ordered.

Did we mention that this service can be completely free? That's right. Our designers work with you to transform your kitchen as part of buying from us. Unlike other companies that charge for this service, with us, it is another value-added part of doing business with us.


Kitchen and bath remodels are some of the most expensive upgrades you can make to your home. However, if done correctly, they also return the most value when it comes time to sell. We specialize in transforming these spaces into the most functional and enjoyable areas of your home. Our professional designers will visit your home to measure your space, so we can gain maximum usability for you and your family.


Our team has years of experience remodeling these important spaces and we understand the importance of things going smoothly when you’re still living in the home as construction occurs. Let us help you turn your outdated kitchen or bathroom into a space you’re proud to show off.


If you’ve worked with your builder to design your home, but are looking for someone more in-tune with today’s kitchen and bath designs to create your dream kitchen, come see us today. Our professional designers will work with you to take the space you have allotted and give you a design that maximizes the area in your style. We can help with every facet of your room from cabinets and counters to fixtures and lighting. Much of our company’s history was based in helping professional builders with new homes, so if you’re starting with a blank slate, there’s no better place to have your kitchen or bath designed than with us.


Many interior designers in business today are helpful when it comes to the look and feel of your space, but fall short when it comes time to put it all together. Not at Kitchen Interiors. We offer the whole package from design to installation. Many people take for granted the many professionals required to install a kitchen properly. One kitchen may require carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, tile setters and countertop installers. Going at it alone can require you to work with all of these craftsmen individually, but we take care of all of that for you with our installation services. When you buy your new room with us, we’re the project managers, so you don’t need to worry about it.


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